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CoachEd – unleashing the best skills in you

CoachEd helps professionals identify the most suitable position for their careers and provides professional skill development and industrial training that is aligned with the job industry.

Our cohort-based course offers online skill development programmes for students, educators and companies. 

We strive to turn your professional life from incomprehensive to all-encompassing.

We help you take your skills a notch higher in a short span of time.

How it works?


The candidate enters his or her current job title and years of experience into the system.


The software assesses the candidate’s current skills against the target role.


The candidate is then given a list of mentors to help them attain their target.


Learning at CoachEd

Our platform offers a unique combination of intelligent learning and diverse experience. We help professionals adapt to fast-paced learning and businesses quickly. We focus on every aspect of modern industries so that candidates can build skills pertaining to what comes next. 

The learning experience at CoachEd focuses on exposing people to content, development experiences and growth challenges since these are highly crucial for any business. Our mentorship programmes help build future capabilities together and faster. 

Inspiring people to learn takes more than just courses and videos. We go that extra mile to offer learning content beyond catalogues and presentations. We help aspirants learn uniquely across different devices, varied applications and a myriad of ecosystems. We also help provide real-life experiences whenever possible.

Experiences at CoachEd

We believe that experiential learning is the ultimate weapon required to face today’s skill-based challenges. At CoachEd, our focus is to help professionals develop and seize new opportunities. We aim to improve your chances of outperforming competitors through experiential learning. CoachEd also helps individuals and companies learn, explore and build skills that are required by the businesses of today and future. 

Our dynamic opportunity marketplace connects people with different projects, assignments, jobs and gigs. Professionals can stretch their skills and advance their careers through our marketplace connections. We help you seize the right opportunities and climb the ladder of success.

Intelligence at CoachEd

Intelligence is the focal driving force a business needs to embrace. CoachEd helps professionals keep intelligence at the core of their work ethics. This way, more potential companies can view the talent and hire you for better posts. 

We work by showing the candidates their skills and the ones companies are looking for. This intelligence-based approach allows us to formulate a learning strategy and connect employee development to company goals. 

We focus on ways to help managers connect better with their employees. Employees can receive mentorship on ways to grow with critical business requirements. Managers and business owners can use our courses to gain insights into how to unlock an employee’s potential. Our data analysis will connect everyone and result in the collective growth of a company and its team.

A glance at our online skill development certificate courses

We provide a 10-week course designed by industry leaders. During the term, the most important topics are covered by top industry professionals to enhance the skills of the candidate. After the course, a candidate has the highest chance of getting placed in India’s top start-ups and companies. 

The highlights of CoachEd’s course are –

Adaptable learning environment catered to individual needs

Priority resource promotion and building skills to take an individual ahead

Peer sharing and community guidance

A thorough understanding of the modern corporate culture

Easy integration with all learning sources, right from one place

Higher productivity, understanding and performance

Who is this for?

CoachEd for students

We offer tailored live classes for students. You can expect tutorials and informative sessions from big players such as Microsoft, RazorPay, Google, PWC, etc. We offer dedicated recruitment solutions through our job-oriented IT courses.  

Some of the highlights of our students’ course are – 

  • 10 weeks focused programme
  • Industry-driven mentorship
  • Fast-paced and engaging classes
  • Virtual learning at its best
  • Company-supported learning programmes
  • Industry-approved intensive learning
  • One-on-one mentorship programmes
  • Real-life project learning
  • Placement-oriented 

CoachEd for companies

We act as a hiring partner and provide culture-fit talent that your company will be proud to welcome on board. Our intensive mentorship programmes alongside career awareness sessions make CoachEd graduates ready for your company. 

  • Skill development for the workforce
  • Hassle-free recruitment
  • Fast-paced turnaround
  • Onboarding of skilled and required talent
  • Community-backed service
  • Hiring as per requirement 
  • Bridging the employer and employee gap
  • Hiring with CoachEd graduates

What is inside our upskilling platform?

Traditional human management programmes can do only thing – manage. However, our upskilling platform is based on functionalities that respond to change. CoachEd offers guidance, insights, empowerment and essential resources. 

Our platform is one of the very few that comes with the ability to integrate skills and insights as per the candidates. From learning to mentorship, everything is customized to provide relentless people development experiences. All of this is done in a fluid ecosystem that helps with skill-building and career development. The platform uses saved data and profiles to suggest courses that are suited best to a candidate’s interests and abilities. CoachEd is good for learning, development, skill analytics and a career boost. When all of these are combined, the candidates can experience a robust upskilling and reskilling experience. 

Industry-leading skill measurement tools
Strength visualization in real time
Gaps analysis in a professional career
Tracking and analysing shifts in the supply and demand of an organization
A holistic real-time analysis of a candidate’s talent
Data alignment with career goals
Better insights for team management for business leaders
Creating a portable skills profile for the workforce

Why choose us?

CoachEd is your premium upskilling partner. We help individuals get ahead of the game while assisting companies in fostering a brilliant workforce. When you invest in us, you invest in internal mobility opportunities with the skills your business needs. We make it happen with a simple platform that offers an impeccable learning experience. Powered by our own pool of talent, our mentorship programmes help you transform from within.


CoachEd can help you identify your skills and plan a career path with mentorship. The courses, live classes and informatics are designed specifically for the candidate.


CoachEd is not just a one-time process. The courses help candidates with their day-to-day tasks, improving their skills and perfecting the targeted job.


CoachEd is an upskilling platform that provides industry-driven skill development courses online to candidates as per their schedule. The courses are highly scalable and can be improvised.


We offer result-driven courses for professionals. Leaving no stone unturned, our company works to provide expert guidance so that you can excel in your career. Our experience helps you develop skills for the job you aspire to have.

All about Us

CoachEd is created to help professionals get the skills they need to reach their true potential, which is in line with their career aspirations. We provide talent acquisition and skill development through assessments and mentorship, ensuring that each individual’s needs are met.

By modernizing talent development and preparing professionals with job-ready skills, companies can forge ahead with conviction. By linking learners, industries, and educators, CoachEd serves as a critical bridge, empowering modern-day industries. We help professionals build a brilliant future by enhancing their employability and learning the required skills to boost their confidence.

CoachEd is in contact with companies and agencies that regularly demand new talent. We ensure that the companies get the right employee to contribute to the overall success of the organization. This approach allows us to offer a flexible response to the new industry demands.  

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We can help you with –

1)Job assessment

2)Industry-driven mentorship

3)Resume assistance

4)Job placement services

5)Online personalized skill development courses

6)IT courses like software development and website design

7)Core civil courses

8)VLSI and embedded system mentorship

9)On-demand cohorts like UX/UI, blockchain, sales, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

A traditional upskilling programme is designed around a single goal as per the basic norms of the industry. In contrast, our mentor-driven approach means that all of the courses are built in line with the latest industry trends and advancements. Our assessments not only identify your aptitude but also match you with mentors who can thereafter provide tailored mentoring to fulfil your potential.

CoachEd is important because it provides a personalized programme that will give professionals, educators and companies the upskilling they need to grab high-profile jobs within the industry. We also provide a workable job opportunity with potential salary, facilities and package cost benefits. Our programmes works two ways – they help candidates grab the right opportunities and assist companies in finding the right talent to grow.

We don’t decide on the skills. We find out the target job of a candidate and help them get there. Prior to offering courses or mentorship programmes, we analyse the profile and database of the candidate. After going through the candidate’s educational qualifications and experience and the industry they want to work in, we create a custom plan and take into account the skills that will help them get there.

CoachEd is for professionals, educators, and companies.

You can now buy industry-specific content packages, complete with assessment and mentorship, suiting the skills of your students. These packages are available on a license basis and include a selection of industry-specific data feeds to help integrate with our assessment engine.

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