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Who are we?

We are a group of passionate fitness enthusiasts who believe that Information Technology has the potential to improve the lives through Preventive Healthcare Technologies.

1 What is Physeek Fit?
2 Our Story
3 Our Team
4 Our Investors
What is Physeek Fit?

Defining Physeek Fit

Physeek Fit is an online fitness community that helps people achieve their fitness goals.

The platform aims to bring all fitness communities together, including learners, trainers and experts and help each other to create a healthier lifestyle among us.

We plan to bring in everything to make us choose a healthier lifestyle through fitness trainings, Sports, Webinars, Online Consultations, and even fitness related Apparels and Products.

Follow us to see an idea turning into reality!

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Defining Physeek Fit
Our Story

Passion and Ideas

Passing through tough times during the COVID19 Lockdown in 2020, a group of four friends decided to start a Health and Fitness Group in Facebook.  

There is no shortage of passion and ideas in us.  What makes us different is our story.  

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Passion and Ideas
Our Team

Introducing the Team

We are Software Engineers by profession and fitness enthusiasts by passion.  

Our Team:

Rajkumar Neelappa - CEO & Founder

Satwik V - CTO & Co-Founder

Divya Rajkumar - Head of Operations

Prathiba Narayanaswamy - Search Engine Specialist

Rajashekhar S - Mentor & Investor

LG Kumar - Chief Marketing Officer

Praveen Kumar Neelappa - Co-Founder

Thank you for being part of the Physeek Fit community!

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Introducing the Team
Our Investors

Of course, Family and Friends!

We are supported by our Family, Friends and backed up by a top International Angel Investor and a successful Entrepreneur of a large Internet Company.

Together we have a great vision for this company and its potential to change the way people stay fit and healthy.

Of course, Family and Friends!

Physeek Fit - Online Fitness Community

Why Physeek?

Did you know that there are more than seventy-two million diabetes cases in India! This makes India the leading country in terms of diabetic patients. As per another report that dates back to 2018, at least fifteen percent of the deaths in India are due to heart complications alone.

The figures are bound to rise, given the unhealthy lifestyle and lack of awareness among people. Did these figures shock you? It was this shock that led to the birth of Physeek.

What We Stand For

Physeek is an endeavour to help India lead a fit and healthy lifestyle that can help keep the various types of diseases at bay. By bringing you the best fitness advice, along with tips and tricks from authentic sources, Physeek endeavours to promote a healthy lifestyle among the people. 

We also try to connect like-minded people through our platform and encourage them to meet their various fitness goals.

The Physeek Story

You may wonder with so many different health blogs, and talk shows already present on the internet, what made us add another to the list? It is the struggles and personal experiences of our founder Rajkumar Neelappa that actually laid the foundation for our page.

In 2012, Mr Neelappa faced a major health crisis when he began to experience symptoms similar to heart attack. This experience made him aware of the need to take good care of one’s health, irrespective of age or other factors.

Like most other people, Rajkumar too turned to the internet to get answers to all his health-related queries. But looking for sound advice from the internet is like looking for a grit of sand in a large bowl. It took him several years to finally understand what really works for his health.

From his struggles, he realised that there must be so many other Indians who go through this ordeal too. So, in order to ease their fitness journey and usher them to the right path, he founded Physeek in 2015.

Our Present Team

Over the years, a lot of people have connected with us and benefitted from our platform. It is these inspiring stories from people that have led us to go on with our endeavours and enlarge our vision for the platform.

 From our foundation to today, we have passed over several hurdles, and today we stand firm with nine extremely dedicated members in our team.

All our teammates are from different walks of life. Yet they have one point in common. It is that they are all extremely passionate about fitness themselves. This passion fuels our platform and inspires us to bring you the very best from the world of fitness.

Our Evolved Name

For people who have been following us since our foundation, they may have known us by the name of Zonex Fit. Initially, when this journey started, we called ourselves the team of “Zonex Fit- is healthy, be strong”.

However, just as our platform has enlarged itself and evolved over time, our name has evolved too. Today we are known by the name – Physeek which truly reflects all we stand for.

Our Mission

Our mission is your fitness. We endeavour to ensure that all those who come to our platform are encouraged to bring positive changes to their lifestyle. We believe that when we are healthy and strong physically, we will be able to get the maximum out of our lives and contribute towards our nation too. So a fit and healthy India stands as the mission of our team.

Our Vision

Our sole motto behind this page was to improve the awareness about health and drive people towards a healthy lifestyle. We have embraced this motto as our vision too. Physeek wants to touch as many lives as possible through varied platforms and bring a positive change in all those lives.

What Sets Physeek Apart?

If you are wondering how Physeek stands apart from the n number of other fitness websites that you come across, here are some facts about us that you must know about. 

       Physeek Is Reliable: When you come across information on the internet, you often have to take it with a grain of sand. You do not really know which information to rely on and which are then the information that you must reject. 

Physeek stands apart from others in this aspect. All the information that you get on our platform is verified and reliable. So you can concentrate totally on your goals without having to think about these other aspects.

       Physeek Brings You The Best: Physeek also brings you the best experts in the fitness line through our talk shows, interviews and blogs. You can go through them and get all the valuable information that you need any time and from anywhere.


Join us in our pledge to build a healthy nation through the number one fitness platform- Physeek.  

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